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Toyota Alphard honor chartered car

Domineering and popular in one


Toyota Alphard

From $ 1,800

​All Taiwan can dispatch

​Safe driving, 14 days free cancellation, minimum 3 hours for single-day use

  • Driver legally professional

  • The driver is familiar with all road sections in Taiwan

  • The driver has a qualified license and complete vaccinations, so guests can feel at ease

  • ​The car and the driver check the situation repeatedly before leaving the car to ensure the quality of service

Toyota Alphard

  • ​ suitable group

​Enterprise car rental, commercial transfer, VIP reception, travel and outing, etc.

  • ​ car interior details

Toyota Alphard is the most respected and loved luxury car with independent seats among all business customers in Taiwan, and as the largest MPV model at present, it has a streamlined but domineering appearance, and it is extremely luxurious when the door is opened The interior decoration is quite popular with business people who value ostentation and tourists with quality of life!


Ultimate Safety Protection System/Toyota Safety Sense 2.0:Equipped with a total of 38 active and passive safety systems such as "Toyota Ultimate Safety Protection System", "BSM Blind Spot Detection System" and "RCTA Rear Side Alert System", 7 SRS airbags in the whole car and a high-rigidity GOA body. This technology slows down and disperses the impact force, bringing you an all-round safe journey!

Semi-Aniline Top Genuine Leather:The whole car adopts Semi-Aniline top-level leather-covered seats, and the second row uses first-class OTTOMAN seats, which provide the best support and comfort, so that you can have a full body and mind when you are tired from business trips and travels. The most comfortable ride.


​Reserve vehicle time

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