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Mercedes-Benz V-Class Diversified Charter Car

Nothing is impossible! V-Class meets your ever-changing needs


Mercedes-Benz V-Class

From $ 1,500

​All Taiwan can dispatch

​Safe driving, 14 days free cancellation, minimum 3 hours for single-day use

  • Driver legally professional

  • The driver is familiar with all road sections in Taiwan

  • The driver has a qualified license and complete vaccinations, so guests can feel at ease

  • ​The car and the driver check the situation repeatedly before leaving the car to ensure the quality of service


Mercedes-Benz V-Class

  • ​ suitable group

​Enterprise car rental, commercial transfer, VIP reception, travel and outing, etc.

  • ​ car interior details

Since its release in 2014, the V-Class has always been a very popular car model among Mercedes-Benz. Whether it is in appearance, driving experience or passenger experience, it has maintained Mercedes-Benz's "luxury and high-end" concept! This commercial vehicle is no longer just a commercial vehicle, but also the first choice for family travel vehicles!


Mercedes-Benz intelligent driving assistance system:All-round assistance system, equipped with "Smart Driving Assistance System", "DISTRONIC Intelligent Speed Ranging Assistance", "360-degree Intelligent Parking Assistance Kit", not only makes your driving extremely comfortable and safe, but also allows driving to face For all situations, we will drive you safely to your destination.

Use of variable compartment space:More passengers yet more spaciousness! No longer obsessed with the size of the space, but to build a pattern of "feeling surplus", from the visual, physical, smooth flow of entry and exit, to the full load of the car, it can provide sufficient space for the occupants to stretch out. Elevating everything in the car to the extreme, V-Class gives you the most honorable driving experience!


​Reserve vehicle time

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