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Toyota Alphard

Powerful and Fashionable


Toyota Alphard

From $1,800 TWD (Around $60USD)

Chartered car
service around Taiwan

Safety drivers, Free cancellation before 14 days, at least 3 hours charter for 1 day.

  • Drivers are professional and legal.

  • Knowledge about all Taiwan traffic lines and regulations.

  • Certified and fully vaccinated, make your trip reassuring.


Toyota Alphard

  • Suitable for:

Corporate chartered cars, Business shuttle, honored guest, Travel

  • Car Detail:

Toyota Alphard is one of the most popular vehicles for the Business shuttle in Taiwan.
As one of the biggest MPV, suit for Business shuttle and honored guests.
Toyota Safety Sense 2.0: The Standard for Safety
Packed with active safety features, Toyota Safety Sense is designed to help protect you and your passengers, and comes standard on many new Toyotas. Scroll down to see TSS in action. Up to 38 active safety systems,  make the trip extremely safe.
Semi-Aniline captain's chairs spoil rear passengers with comfort.


​Reservation Time

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