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Lexus ES sports car luxury car charter first choice

The latest specs that define luxury cabins


Lexus ES

From $ 1,000

​All Taiwan can dispatch

​Safe driving, 14 days free cancellation, minimum 3 hours for single-day use

  • Driver legally professional

  • The driver is familiar with all road sections in Taiwan

  • The driver has a qualified license and complete vaccinations, so guests can feel at ease

  • ​The car and the driver check the situation repeatedly before leaving the car to ensure the quality of service


Lexus ES

  • ​ suitable group

​Enterprise car rental, commercial transfer, VIP reception, travel and outing, etc.

  • ​ car interior details

Lexus ES adheres to the spirit of Omotenashi's hospitality, and through craftsmanship, every detail is more sophisticated, showing a luxurious style. In terms of exterior design, ES inherits the elegant and smooth body lines of LS flagship touring car, showing its calm but dynamic style. In addition to the appearance, the whole car is equipped with a new-generation high-rigidity chassis and a more comfortable, wide and long seating space! Let every passenger in the car get the most full rest.


LEXUS Safety System+2.0 intelligent driving assistance system:"PCS Pre-warning Protection System with Automatic Brake Assist", "DRCC Full-Speed Range Radar Sensing Vehicle Distance Maintenance System", "LTA Lane Tracing Assist System", "AHS Intelligent High Beam Automatic Masking System", "AHB Intelligent high-beam automatic switching system" and so on give the driver and passengers a safer driving environment.


Omotenashi (hospitality) design spirit:In addition to providing a comfortable and safe driving environment in the front seat, the comfort of the rear seat is the strength of ES, and the ultra-wide depth is comparable to the seating space of a flagship RV! In addition, the mute in the car is covered with 93% sound-absorbing material, so that the passengers in the car can talk comfortably.


​Reserve vehicle time

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